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Olori JeJe

Hello, and welcome to the JeJe's Beading! My name is Olori JeJe. I'm a young Yoruba beader and designer currently based in Maryland. I am a full-time entrepreneur and spiritual healer.


JeJe's Empire is my passion which I started to build in 2015. It started as a passion project and has become my entire passion. As I build my business I consequently learn and unlearn, grow, and learn to overstand myself and life.


I love the fact that it allows me to celebrate my heritage, sharing my long-standing Yoruba tradition with others, connecting with my personal heritage, and is very grounding.


Hi there! I am is Queen Wuraola.

I am a Yoruba woman, and a professional talking drummer. I love and I am passionate about anything Yoruba and its  culture.


My mission on this earth is to positively impact as much lives as I can using the talents gifted to me by the universe.


I am a very spiritual person. I am the founder of Golden Realm, a brand that represents the ability to defy all odds, believing in oneself, and the importance of self-respect and manifestation. Where universe leads me, I go.

I also offer offer yoruba lessons and You can book me to play or speak at an event. 

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