12 Things For Your New Year's Resolutions

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

it's the last day of 2019, Hurray!!!! You've completed the cycle of 365 days, congratulations for living, for surviving and for getting ready to move on to the next year, but before we do that, let's reflect! The last day of the year is the day we usually reflect on that year, things we did, things we didn't do, things we wished we had done, things we did but were unsuccessful, things we didn't want to do but proved success, it's time to reflect and set resolutions, a lot of people tend to look down on resolutions but i tell you, it's a very healthy way to start a new year, no one is perfect and we all mess up consistently, your resolutions help you reflect and keep check of these flaws and mistakes, and help you keep determination to correct them, so instead of calling a new year's resolution childish, embrace it, reflect on your year and make your resolutions. We have also complied a list of things we all have in common and should try to change in the coming year.

1.Stop Procrastinating!

We all do this, it's like a recurring theme in everyone's reality. We all have that one thing we want to do but fear and anxiety and other type of circumstances delay it and eventually we put off doing it all the same, in a few hours we will be crossing over to a new year, leave that habit behind!

2.Take a risk!

It's time to start taking risks in every aspect of your life! Sometimes the fear of losing out keeps us from going after the things we want in our lives, let the coming year serve as a symbol to leave that fear behind and go after the things we want; that business offer, that person we like but scared to admit we do, going to school and starting all over again, whatever it is we want, it's time to go for it,regardless of whether we succeed or not.

3.Self love and importance.

Every minute, hour, day and year, love yourself as you are, stop comparing yourself to another, you are no one else but yourself, you are your own standard so why compare? put your self interest first and do everything that makes you happy, the world today is crawling with too many unhappy people, insecure about themselves, their physical looks or their family background! In this coming year, get rid of that habit, that habit of self doubt and self depreciation, love yourself more, it's your most important priority.

4.Help others!

No one can do it all on their own, everyone needs help and if you think about it, you are where you are today because someone, somewhere offered help or advise, so why not extend that help to others, a lot of people are out there suffering, stuck in their lives because they have no one to run to for help, in this coming year, extend an olive branch, the only way for the world to truly thrive is when everyone else does, so visit orphanages, donate to charity, offer people jobs, give advise to people struggling, extend a helping hand in this coming year.

5.Get help!

2019 is the officially the year a lot of people came forward with mental health issues, for years, people had been suffering in silent and pretending to be okay, but this year saw a lot of people admitting to their suffering, a lot of songs were written about it, movies were made, campaigns were done. Every single person has some kind of mental issue, while some more than others, we all need to get medical help. Our society secretly looks down on people who get mental help and that's why people are insecure about getting therapeutic help and some others are just lazy to, whatever it is, it doesn't matter!!! because at the end of the day it's your mental health and suffering, you are on your own, no matter how much support you get from others, you can't share your depression or anxiety with others, so instead of making people who love you worry or getting insecure about irrelevant things, go get help!!! YOU are the state of your mind.

6.Stop Gossiping or Cyberbullying!

Gossiping about other people is something almost everyone does but if that's all you do all the time then you have a serious problem! People are out there living their lives and you stay dormant where you are laying repulsive commentaries, trying to damage their reputation, aren't you ashamed of your existence???? Stop talking shit behind people's back or leaving negative comments online and start taking charge of your life!! Do something with your life and stop stepping on other people's lives, you make your life what you want it to be, but if all you have achieved this year is gossiping and cyberbullying, then you need a get a (new) life!

7.Live in the real not on your social media

A lot of you don't exist in reality anymore but on instagram. Every action you take is predominantly determined by how you intend to post it on your page or emulate that one post you like, sometimes you forget that your instagram page should be a reflection of your life and not the other way round, people nowadays don't live for themselves but they live just to post and that's why your lives are empty, and that's why all you do all the time is post, post and post, because after you done posting, you don't have anything else, you've got no life except that which you post, so in the coming year, try to live for yourself, stop trying to be like others on social media, the mentality "fake it till you make it" is sad because while you are out there faking it, you are constantly losing what's real, stop trying to portray your lives as enviable on your social media and start enjoying your actual life as it is! You only have this one life, wouldn't it be real sad if your instagram page seemed more fun than your actual life??? Smile for yourself instead pretending for your camera, enjoy your trips instead of trying to show off, build your relationship instead of broadcasting every minute of it! Focus on you and capture that which is to be captured, stop capturing that which doesn't occur or haven't occurred, that's way too much pressure!

8.Don't Pressure yourself!!

No one is born equal, no one is born with the same circumstances so why are you using other people's lives to lay grounds and foundations on how yours should be??? Live your life according to your own pace eventually everything will fall into place, but if you keep derailing out of your path, you're just slowing your progress, just as no one is born the same, no one's time is the same, so enjoy every minute of your life, stop expecting too much out of life because at the end, we all have one destination, so don't pressure yourself too much, life isn't a checklist!

9.Maintain healthy relationships

If you notice that you have way too much toxic people around you, it's time to clean yourself up because you're obviously not far of, try to maintain healthy relationship with people this coming year, friends and lovers, if you have that one friend you aren't sure of and both of you backbite each other, then sweetheart end that friendship and move on, no more frenemies!!!! Pick a side people!! Isn't that type of friendship exhausting?? Same goes to romantic relationship, if you're dating someone because of what you get from them not because of the actual person then what you have is a transaction not a relationship nor a marriage. Whatever type of relationship you intend to keep is your business but if you want to start afresh and healthy, then stay away from people who are toxic to yourself including your old self!

10.Put your health first

This is for those who eat a lot of junk (myself), smoke like a chimney and drink like a gutter!! Do better!!! After ruining your lungs, kidney and liver, you would start looking and hoping for whom to donate theirs to you! Shame on you! If you voluntarily want to ruin your health then own it when you get sick but if you are going to whine and beg for organ donation, then do better!!! Take care of your health!!!

11.Keep savings

Most of you live your life to impress others or try to make others envy you and that's why you lot don't have savings! While some of you just have no control, you want to own everything, you want to have it all, yet you don't make enough income to sustain that lifestyle, you want to live like Kylie Jenner but you don't even have a property to your name nor a million dollar company… sad! In this coming year, set a goal, get a scale of preference, save up for that lifestyle you want by achieving your goals!

12.Travel the wolrd

For adventure seekers, save up, travel the world in this coming year, your likes are different from others, so don't try to be like others, do what makes you happy, so work, save that money and travel.

For everyone, a change of environment is not a bad thing, we exist in a huge ass world, let's experience it, let's meet new people and interact with the rest of the world, there's so much to life and you're experiencing too little!

Let's all remember first impression matter (lol) how do you want the coming year to perceive you?? Your mindset and attitude determines what this coming year is gotta be for you, so in a few hours it will be a new day and a new year, let's try to be a newer and more improved version of ourselves.

Happy New Year in advance.

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