JeJe’s Empire is a holistic lifestyle brand, that is currently made up of a culture inspired, and unisex clothing and beading boutique. Being holistic means that she considers each person as a whole as she creates her pieces, products and provides services.

JeJe prides herself in creating unique and custom wearable art pieces. She incorporates a variety of textiles, colors, beads and, embellishments to create a physical manifestation of the heart’s desire of her clients and customers. JeJe believes that anything becomes more sentimental when you were a part of its creation/birth. Thus, she is inspired by the individuality of each person using unique characteristics including their shape, skin tone, personality, purpose, and lifestyle to create her one of a kind pieces and designs.

Olori JeJeJe was Born and Breaded in Lagos Nigeria, but has been blessed to have lived the fundamental parts of her life both in Nigeria and in the USA. This upbringing has left her with a unique blend of cultures and a very open mind. Being raised in a family of designers, Olori learned how to sew at a young age. She is also constantly studying to keep up with the needs of her clients as knowledge of self and the universe is an important part of staying unique.

Olori’s interest in beading, the use of African print in design, and Yoruba traditional/ holistic studies stems from her time in Nigeria when as an adult when she studied Nigerian art, history, and culture in university. Upon migrating back to the United States she felt an urge to make use of this knowledge, and incorporate it as a lifestyle. Once she opened the traditional chapter, their was no going back.

Today, the imagination of her next piece, and the opportunity to bring together such diverse cultures, beliefs, and mindsets into one piece of beading or clothing is an exciting experiment to look forward to everyday.

Click here https://www.olorijeje.com/book-online to book appointments to visit my workshop in white Oak / silver spring MD

Click here http://wix.to/PsDoBOw?ref=cl to download my wix app, here you can shop pieces and customize them by chatting with me within the app. You can also view prices and my gallery.

Text or WhatsApp: 240-422-1560

Email: beadsbyolorijeje@ gmail.com

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