Babe is the sparkly in my experience

When I’m mad when I’m sad

when I’m happy when I’m glad

Babe is the sprinkles that makes it more interesting

The color that makes it more artistic than confusing

Punctuation in my incomplete sentence

A deep breath I can feel all in my toes

Babe is a reminder to breathe

Remember there are happy times

Babe is the sparkly in my experience like the North Star when there’s nowhere to go

Babe wants me happy

I would not trade for a million anything

Babe uplifts my soul

That’s definitely a rare find

Babe sees and hears me

I am so beautiful and warm

Babe touches me and I melt

I want this for a lifetime

Babe is the sprinkles that make it more interesting

I love Babe first

I miss Babe first

Babe is xoxo

Babe is a Dime

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