Aren't you tired of trying so hard?

Ever since as a child, I've witnessed and experienced young children trying so hard to act like they are "grown" and when they've grown, they try so hard to act mature and "made".

Well, aren't you tired?

Ever since the advent of social media, I've witnessed people post up idealistic versions or situations of themselves instead of memories, pretending to be what they are not Or owning what they don't have, as y'all always say "faking it until you make it".

Well, aren't you tired?

I see girls everyday, taking snaps and selfies, trying so hard to appear, or be considered beautiful or sexy. Taking pictures of their face, their boobs, or both, their pouty lips, their eyes, legs, thighs, made up face, long hair, arched backs and pushed up breast, trying to accentuate their body parts, even their naked bodies, all so they can gain attention and be hailed as beautiful and sexy. Well, aren't you tired of feeling insecure and always seeking for validation? You are beautiful and sexy, no denying it, so why do you feel the need to constantly flaunt and post it? Aren't you tired of been vain?

I see young guys constantly trying to act cool by posting pictures of women; beautiful women, scantily clad women, naked women, money or money related posts, alcohol, weed, sex, sex related stuff, everything designers and expensive; shoes, clothes, cars, events they went for or spent a lot of money on. We get it, sure you're rich and cool, but then, aren't you tired of associating your self worth to material things and money, yet complain that women are materialistic and only attracted to money, sorry what are they supposed to be attracted to? You're devoid of personality, there's nothing attractive or worthy of being attractive about you or even remotely likeable about your entire being or existence, isn't that why you avoid the mirrors in your house? You don't even like you enough without all of that labels, so how do you expect someone else to? You attract what you are, you attract what you vibe with, if your self value is equated with material things, it is only right to attract materialistic women, but then aren't you tired of all that shit?

Everyone on social media act like junkies, addicted to likes and followers, aren't you guys tired of equating your self worth to the amount of attention you get from people you don't even care about?

Dear people, aren't you just tired? Of living a filtered life? Living by the books and what is expected of you? Well i am (and have been, my whole existence), and if you're anything like me, tired that is, then it's time to let go of all that vanity and start to actually live properly, for yourself and your entire existence and presence on earth, start making memories and stop trying so hard to live a "made" up life, stop trying to impress anyone with your lifestyle, just live! No one is leaving here alive! So who are you doing all of it for?

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