consciously confused Queen

unconsciously maybe a little consciously I push them away

those ones they call the good ones

with the pot bellies and lisps in their tongues

they will treat you right they say

they cant even treat themselves right

they are always extra chatty

calling twenty-ten times a day

long conversations about nothing

but I guess that's romance

3 shirts in their closet let me pick you up

they even call themselves the good ones

you will miss me when I'm gone they say

without even a first date

why don't you want to come to my house

how about you take me somewhere

okay where do you want to go

but then sometimes my mind wonders

I'm almost thirty and still single

maybe I should give them a chance

open my mind up and see where it goes

I do the chatty thing we find somewhere to go

but still, there is no chemistry

am I wrong for having a type?

or is it okay to still be single

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