African beads for your waist by JeJe

Waist beads have exist

d for thousands of years, and go as far back as ancient Egypt. They have served many purposes throughout history. African waistbeads by Olori JeJe are perfect for your waist, ankles, or neck. Read on to find their other purposes.

Ways to use your Africa
beads for the waist.

  1. Some queens like to adorn their upper midsection and wear their belly beads above the belly button,

  2. others prefer to position their beads just above their hips below the navel.

  3. You can also choose to wear them under your clothes to enhance your personal sense of beauty and femininity.

  4. Wearing them slightly exposed when paired with low-waist pants or crop top is more for the purpose of attention.

  5. Depending on the closure choice on your beads, they could be worn over clothes like a belt or draped ornament,

  6. Fully exposed with a bathing suit at the beach or when swimming

  7. As a wrap necklace

  8. As a wrap anklet

They are made of genuine African glass beads, wire beading rope, and bronze metal clasps. They will not fade or change colors, therefore, they never have to be taken off once adorned.

*Jeje's waist beads are completely waterproof and hypoallergenic they also come with a lifetime guarantee. *

African Waist beads through time

Over time, waist beads have grown in popularity. They originated in Africa simply as a way for women to maintain female figures. Today, women have come to realize the intensity of the sensual vibes it spawns out. In fact, African ladies in history saw becoming old enough to wear them as a rite of passage to anticipate. It would be hidden under their, (at that time), fashionable clothing and would only peek out at chance intervals practically seducing an onlooker.

The original users of waist beads didn’t take them off once they are fitted, they adorn them unless when pregnant. These days on the other hand only a few people keep to that culture, waist beads are mostly worn for their beauty on special occasions like any other jewelry, overlooking that they have other benefits.

Waist beads for weight loss

Waistbeads can be used as a way to maintain/ keep track of your figure if your waist beads are placed directly on your hips, they will begin to rise up towards your waist as you add weight and will fall back down on your hips as you trim back down. If your beads are worn directly on your waist or rise to your waist and you keep gaining weight they will start to feel really tight, and eventually break.

Waist beads for healing and rejuvenation

Colors also play a more important role in our everyday life than most people tend to admit. but at the very least everybody knows bright colors make people happy, and dark colors are usually worn to represent something dark or significant. The color of your waist beads is just as important as the fit and durability.

click here to read color symbolism for more info

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