To whom it may concern:

You are full of hate, I’d ask why but I already know why. You were hurt as a child, robbed of your innocence and childhood and ever since then you have been filled with resentments and as you grew older, you struggled to fit in and thus your resentments grew further into pent up anger.

Now you are fully grown and all you have is rage and hate, you have become an embodiment of hatred but how can anyone blame you for that, it’s all you have ever known; discrimination, unfairness, hurt, manipulation, violence, abuse and hate. So how could you ever be a ball of light? But then you are, it's your true nature, you just didn’t get to nurture it, therefore, don’t you think it’s time? To let go of that chaos inside of you, don’t you think it’s time to move on and free yourself?

Underneath all that ugliness and darkness, there’s a person wanting to be loved, a person that deserves to be loved but how can anyone love you when all you do is strike them with venom you call words?

You have become addicted to hate and that’s why you push people away, now that’s your fault. Don’t you see? You have a choice to become whomever you want, you are finally grown, you have the freedom to move on and be a better version but you choose to remain in the hurt, you claim to advocate and speak against what caused you hurt, you say that you are trying to reform the society but what exactly have you done so far other than rant on your social media and drag people down.

The truth is that you are holding on to it, you’re feeding off it, you have chosen to play the victim role for the rest of your life and you feel justified for it. Well, it is toxic, you are becoming toxic and growth can’t survive around toxicity. You enjoy it, you might not admit it but you do, the rage, the role of the victim, the hate, you claim that it is not what you do but it is, it’s all you were exposed to and you are holding on to it instead of letting go. All you have to do is forgive; yourself and everyone else and all that darkness will disappear and you will be exposed to something much better; a sense of relief, genuine relationships and less drama but you don’t want that, you are afraid you might become like everyone else and lose a core part of yourself, therefore you embrace the rage.

You stink of hate and its stench has chased love away, so tell me? How can you love yourself?

You are bitter and so is your judgment and utterance.

Unchain yourself from the rage, cleanse yourself of the hurt and let go of the hate.


Your conscience.

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