listen the universe has something to say...

I have been wanting to put cowries in my hair for the last three days since I got it done. but I never did mostly because I had been thinking about how I would design them in my hair.

So this evening even though I had spent most of it working on my website in my bed being undecided about whether to go or not, I did, however, decide I would finally put the cowries in my hair if I finally did choose to go.

Eventually, I chose to go, and being that I still had not decided what to do with the cowries, I decided to do the first number that came to my head the number was 3. It was clear that the number was 3, but I still contemplated between 7 and 3 because, 1.) I thought of why the first number that came to my head was 3 the list goes on. Then I started to reason 7 1.) Maybe 7 because it is my favorite number.

Long story short I put 3 and it so happened that during the event, two fell out. I heard one when it fell and I stepped on it so I picked it up. As I wanted to put it back I looked to see how many were left and it was one.

as I now reach home I realize that I learned a lesson from that. if I had put a lot of them in my hair I would have never noticed the missing ones. Clutter even in the littlest aspect of our lives is not healthy. u lose track of the good stuff. its time to let that shit dead. PERIOD.

1. be intentional about everything

2. everything happens for a reason

3. nothing is a coincidence

4. don't overthink you know what you need already.

what do you need to die in your life today??

  1. too many panties?

  2. too many clothes?

  3. too many books?

  4. too many friends? or enemies?

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