While The Rest of the World Self-isolates in Quarantine, then there's Nigeria.

As a Nigerian residing in Nigeria, the accounts of the effects of the Corona virus will be told from that point of view.

It's been 4 days or more since people from different parts of the world began the process of self isolation, social distancing and self quarantine which comes as a result of WHO (World Health Organisation) declaring Covid19 a pandemic but then there's Africans still going about living their everyday lives as usual especially Nigerians.

A lot of people who don't reside in Nigeria might think it's because we have no casualties yet and just three cases, well it's more than that and I will tell you why.

More than, if not 70% of Nigerians are hustlers. Their daily survival depends on the day's hustle. Long before Corona Virus became a threat, Nigerians have been facing all types of threats and most of them are not medical, namely: poverty and starvation. While some "Nigerians" can afford to self quarantine and self isolate for days and months, a majority of Nigerians can't, it's a luxury they can't afford because honestly while self isolating in self quarantine, how do they survive the hunger that follows suit?

To self-quarantine means to stock up on food and a lot of toiletries and groceries, sure if they can afford to stock up for one week, what about the remaining weeks and months? Some can't even afford to stock up for a week!

A lot of Nigerians work menial jobs that bring them daily profits such as retail traders or bus drivers and conductors, these people need to go out everyday to hustle and make money for their daily survival, one day away from their hustle holds so much loss.

Also there's the salary workers that get paid at the end of the month. We are in the middle of the month, they haven't been paid and most of them must have exhausted their previous salary. You would be probably thinking, don't they have savings for these things? The situation over here doesn't allow savings. How much can you save when you don't make enough?

Then let's not even get to the unemployed ones, it's hard to survive normally, most unemployed people in Nigeria have no choice but to take up random freelance work to get by once in a while, so how exactly do you think they could cope with it? Instead of spending their energy trying to find a job, they would be stuck inside their homes, why? To save themselves from dying from a rare virus. Ironic isn't it? Trying to save yourself from the virus only to die slowly from despair.

So you see, they rather die from the virus than stop their everyday hustle, because at the end, the result will be the same.

Everyday in Nigeria is a pandemic and it's called "The Hustle Disease" and everyday there's an outbreak,its not the type where you self isolate and quarantine, it's the type where you hustle and bustle to survive.

There are a lot of factors over here that will lead to your demise, if it isn't Corona virus, then it might as well be Malaria and Typhoid or it may very well be Hunger and Malnutrition or a random gas explosion right beside your house.

To every working classman in Nigeria, his or her thoughts are "We've survived worse" our living conditions are worse and we live through them, we can definitely overcome the covid19. It seems like blind faith but that's all we have got going. Even after the corona virus is gone, the facts won't change. The country's condition is worse than any virus and we need serious intervention! But other than that we move! Even if it leads to our grave.

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