You Can Do it Too


and proudly not give 2 fucks about who is gonna judge me.

yep, not even my spelling cuz it's hard to always get it right.

I am a Nigerian teenage mom, a college dropout, 420 friendly,

love to pop a bottle, 5 ft 2, Queer, gender non-binary and woman,

brought up in the united states. lol

I don't think I can get any more wrong than that

Despite these facts, every day I wake up

I remind myself that God loves me and I go about my day.

it's never easy

and after 26 years of dealing with being me,

I suffer from major depression, PTSD and anxiety.

does anybody wonder how that can be?

Mommy hates me, daddy can't wait till I get out of his life

and siblings have given up on even being around me,

but....... who wouldn't?

God that's who,

see I'm alive today

I still have hope for tomorrow.

I have an eight-year-old son we barely get to talk

I got pregnant for the wrong person,

baby daddy who has done everything wrong but,

it's my responsibility as a woman to love him unconditionally

" nobody forced me to get in the bed with him"


I want to fuck so bad just to relieve some stress,

but anxiety says everyone is fucked up or, is that just the truth?

if I decide to just fuck and leave feelings out,

that makes me a slut.

But every day I wake up

I go about my day

God loves me and his mercy endureth for ever.

So fuck your life fuck a Nigga fuck what anybody thinks,

I'm gonna keep living whether you like it or not.

I am gonna take every day as a gift

try to make the best of it

I will improve where I can and appreciate that nobody knows tomorrow.

Everything happens for a reason I believe that without any doubt

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