I am Truthful

I am Truthful


2x Traditional Screw-On Waist Beads, Waist Beads, Belly Beads, Slimming Beads, Weightloss Tracker, Feminine Jewelry, Body Jewelry. screw together to make them longer


"Beautiful" Ewa screw-on beads are a unique kind of African Nigerian beads for your waist. They are multipurpose and can be worn on any part of your body to bring beauty, vibrance, and positive vibes. 


  • they can be used as a wrap necklace, waist-beads, anklets, and even bracelets. 
  • they are made of 2mm sand beads, fishing line, and a bronze screw clast.
  • they are one size fits all and each strand is approximately 24'- 28"
  • there are 2 in each package
  • the clasp works as a closure and also allows you to attach them to each other to create different beautiful patterns and a line as long as your arm and pocket would let you. 
  • they are waterproof and can be worn for as long as you are comfortable.



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