Fill out this form to apply to vend at one of Olori JeJe's vending events

Every other Wednesday starting on Oct 21st, Olori will be offering a free vending space To a small business. Please fill out this form to apply.


In Order to qualify:

  • you must have a business that has been running at least 9 months

  • must be following @olorijeje__ @watchjejevend @Juiceislifewellness on Instagram

  • must be selling products you made or manufactured

  • If you are picked you will recieve a text message with details of the date of your showcase at least 3 weeks ahead

Thanks for submitting!

Rules for the networking event:

  1. All products will be displayed on your own table in a safe and orderly manner

  2. Vendors are responsible for leaving a clean area at closing

  3. Spaces shall be assigned by Olori JeJe

  4. Vendors are responsible for Sharing to and inviting their own contacts

  5. Only 2 people allowed working per table 

  6. Tables, table covers, and chairs will be provided

  7. Good vibes only