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Executive Summary


The objective of this proposal is to offer an opportunity for collaboration between JeJe holistic boutique and other companies and brands offering holistic lifestyle products. JeJe Holistic Boutique is offering our space both physical and online


Collaboration Benefits include:


  • Stress-free Collaborations

  • Pressure-free advertising

  • Free pop up shops

  • Promotion across several social media accounts

  • Opportunity to be featured as the business of the month

  • Different products featured weekly

  • Leverage our brand name and goodwill; to market and promote your product line.

  • Provide support in the beginning stages of your growing businesses to find the footing needed to get into the diverse handcrafted holistic market.

  • Resources and opportunities, encouragement and assistance in marketing, funding, and overall growth

  • Guidance to cultivate and connect with an authentic and true self.

  • A prime location to display products in Maryland DC Virginia area with good foot and road traffic

  • The Ability to receive calls directly to cell phones from the website

  • Help create the professional website your brand needs to elevate

  • Learn to create SEO and descriptions for products

  • Increase revenue for all vendors



About JeJe 

  • JeJe Holistic Boutique is a holistic lifestyle brand,

  • currently made up of culture-inspired and unisex clothing and waist beads

  • Spiritual items sage, polo satoand create unique pieces,` products & services accordingly.

  • JeJe was founded as a brand with a sole vision to uplift the lives of black people all over the world.

  • JeJe's is the Exclusive black-owned all-natural boutique. As a holistic brand, we carry products made from the earth, Non-GMO / organic and Natural Products.

  • JeJe’s Brand Uniqueness (USP-Unique Selling Point)

  • Jeje"s aim is to grow together with other creators and educators who are grounded in the divine journey.

Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions will apply:​

  • Only people of Africa decent offering organic hand made products can apply

  • All items remain the property and responsibility of the vendors.

  • Vendor partners will be required to spend 24 hours minimum in the store per month online or in person.

  • Vendors partners will create and share social media content 

  • Jeje will promote products on its social media assets to help the partner product lines.

  • Any promotion expenses online or offline will be shared by the partners.

  • Vendor partners will be required to participate in giveaways and meetings

  • Application fee will not guarantee approval